Podcast Playlist: September

Open your ears for the September Podcast Playlist 
  •  The RFK Tapes Take a deep dive and listen to original police tapes, interviews, and rare audio recordings as the team from Crimetown investigates the death of Robert F Kennedy. Fans of archival footage, this is a goodie.
  • Fresh Air An oldie but a goodie. Bill Murray telling tales to Terry Gross.
  • What’s Her Name Thought-provoking stories of women making history throughout history is always worth a listen.
  • Serial is back for it’s third season and it’s taking on the American Criminal Justice System in Cleveland, OH. You know what this means right? Missed calls, it means a lot of missed calls. Can’t wait.
  • Inside Jaws
    Stephen King’s son is quite the writer and he’s really into Jaws. This podcast is a love letter to his favorite movie (OF ALL TIME). If you think you’ve seen Jaws, think again.
  • Up and Vanished is back for a second season. We are three episodes in and it’s a doozy. Grab your detective caps and take on the case.
  • The Witches is available for your audible delight, chapter by chapter. It’s free.
  • Dalai Lama Audio Teachings We could all use a bit of wisdom from the Dalai Lama. If someone tells you otherwise, get them a hose because their pants are on fire. (Dork-Style Sick Burn)
  • The Truth takes you in and out of fictions for 10-20 minutes at a time. Actors voice the characters and bring these original short stories to life.

Only Good Things Recap: August, 2018


Congratulations, you made it through THE SUMMER! Well almost. Good on ya!  

I hope this finds you in an investigative mood. Here are some clues of the GOOD recovered in August:

1.The ocean, OH MY STARS, the ocean! Check out these magnificent waves, captured in a decade of photographs. Click to Read.

2.We all love a good list. 25 Secrets of Adulthood learned the Hard Way is a good list. Bonus: Gretchen Rubin wrote it, it’s her list. Click to Read.

3.The top bestest 100 TV Episodes of the century you say? Challenge accepted, I say. This is REALLY cool, you can choose to listen, watch, and read along with this comprehensive list. Click to Read.

4.Birds teaching other Birds, cool!
Click to Read.

Birds talking to other Birds, rad!
Click to Read.

This little Guy is sweet!
Click to Read.

5.”62 Years After It Was Written, a Hemingway Story Gets Published for the First Time”  This is pretty exciting. Click to Read.

6. Saved from July, but still sweet and entirely appropriate. How are you handling the news? Click to Read.

7.This list of the 25 amazing speeches is worth a click-through. Some of them have flown under the radar. You are in for a treat if you like a good speech. Click to Read

8. Tackle the tough questions if you’re ready to make a change. Here are 12 questions to ask yourself. It’s a challenge, in a good way. Click to Read

9. What to do when someone asks if you’ve ever read Vonnegut
Oh McSweeney’s, I’d give you my heart if you didn’t already have it. Click to Read

10.The Crow Box is a vending machine for birds. They fly in, drop a coin and the snacks come out. Pretty flippin cool. Best part, you can build your own with the free instructions. I know what I’m doing this weekend. Click to Read.

11. Medicinal Revival
The unicorn root has been absent for 130 years and it has reappeared in Maine!!!! Click to Read

12. Poetry is not DEAD! So please, stop saying it is. “The number of self-reported poetry readers in the United States nearly doubled from 2012 to 2017…” Click to Read

Introductions: The Stitching Tales


These framed stories are the remnants of my imagination, they come by way of the past. I was raised by women who made delicious, beautiful, and functional things out of nothing. They hemmed, sewed, stitched, and grew gardens. Clothes, food, art; they made their own. My sister painted and I wrote.

Hollamon Round 2 (31)

My childhood was inscribed with the mantra, ‘Do what you can, with what you have, where you’re at.’ It became my preservation, a common thread, my restorative connection. These pieces of the handmade are dedicated to those women and the stories that came before me.

Untitled design (3)

This has been a long time in the making and I’m thrilled to share it with you!


I take great pleasure in the little moments between things, when life is happening. Nothing is mundane or ordinary, every one has a story. If you see something that pleases you or you’d like something new, send me a hello. I’d be honored to stitch the tale of you!

Noelle and Cara (1)

Only Good Things: July Recap


Congratulations, you made it through July. 

I hope this finds you in an investigative mood. Here are just 10 of the Goodness clues we recovered in July:

  1. Helen Keller and Mark Twain exchanged letters, how cool is that?
  2. Speaking of letters, this little ditty  from John Adams to his wife Abigail is a gem of the good.
  3. This 99 year old man spreads the joy around with his telephone.
  4. “Almost anybody can learn to think or believe or know, but not a single human being can be taught to feel. Why? Because whenever you think or you believe or you know, you’re a lot of other people: but the moment you feel, you’re nobody-but-yourself.” The Courage to be Yourself is inspiring indeed.
  5. The only thing better than watching birds is taking pictures of birds, I’m pretty sure.
  6. Did you know there is an Alaska Triangle? It comes complete with its own tales of monsters, disappearances and unsolved mysteries. Step aside Bermuda, there’s a new wacky in town. I wonder if Ancient Aliens knows.
  7. 20 Pictures that will teach you more than 100 Books sounds good to me.
  8. Those silly Mobsters with their nicknames…
  9. My Mobster nickname is Noelle “Peanuts” Labrousse and I’m a friend of a friend. What about you?
  10. This little piece of magnificence is a montage of dance moments from 300 feature films and it doesn’t miss a beat. It’s REALLY GOOD.

Only Good Things is a weekly investigation. Each week, I seek out clues of the good in our every day. I report my findings on Fridays.
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Meet your new Master

We have no one to blame but ourselves. Well myself actually, it was my idea. My plan to avert the jungle outside for a walk indoors. My plan to work out every day without the excuse of weather to fall back on. My grand plan to fight resistance and get serious about fitness. It was expensive, but it would be worth it. We work hard, we deserve it. So we combined our research efforts, split the costs, and ordered it.

what the whatIt arrived on a Saturday and came to life on a Monday via the rigorous toil and dedication of my faithful man mate, David. In its containment it did look large, once built however, it became huge. This beast of a machine is a mammoth in our tiny home. It is a giant commanding our attention. Large with life and a console that looks like a replica of something from Star Trek, this machine is dominant.

All I wanted was a defense mechanism against common resistance. A simple way to make progress and sustain it, instead I got a war machine. Why would you simply ignore resistance when you can destroy it? In the shadow of this mighty dinosaur, there are no excuses, you have to walk, you have to run, and you have to obey it.

Throughout my speckled and turbulent history with body confidence and self improvement, I’ve tried various methods to stay on course and motivated. There have been diets, twisted ankles, and gurus along the path but time and truth changed my approach. A little internal deep dive and I realized that progress masked as punishment is an effective illusion and the size of it counts. The enormity of this new Overlord in our little life is as humorous as it is intimidating and for the first time ever I have no doubt that it will all work out.

Every single day.




Casefile 102: I’d like a little Science With My Fiction & Make it Poppy Please


Don your caps my Gumshoe friends, a puzzling pursuit awaits you. Case 102: Science My Fiction. Click on the link below to print the intrigue.


Solutions to Case 101 for those puzzling along:



Only Good Things is a weekly investigation. Each week, I seek out clues of the good in our every day. I report my findings on Fridays.
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20 Good Things | The Investigation Recap: June

8 (2)

Congratulations, you made it through June. You are a super sleuth.

I hope this finds you in an investigative mood. Here are just 20 of the Goodness clues we recovered in June:

  1. The Robots and the Dinosaurs are free to roam and clones have feelings too.
  2. Frozen Lemonade is delicious.
  3. Plot Walls are fun!
  4. Goats have accents
  5. Love is Winning: 67% (2 out of every 3) Americans now say Gay Marriage should be legal and valid. This is the highest level in our history so far says Gallup. You know what this means right? This means that love is winning!
  6. Thank gosh for Ramen: Tested and True by 20-somethings everywhere… It would cost you approximately $140 a year if you ate ramen for every meal.
  7. Anne Frank’s dirty jokes
  8. Narwhals (the best kind of unicorns) are speaking: The strange call of the Narwhal
  9. Mary Shelley would be proud: Frankenbook
  10. Scientists are finally taking a realistic approach to finding the myth known as Nessie. Happy Hunting and good on ya.
  11. Crazy Walls are cool too.
  12. This list of Podcasts is a Good Thing.
  13. So is this splendid application.
  14. If I were a betting gal, I’d bet you a million dollars you couldn’t tell me how many people are in space right now.
  15. And I would double down if you knew how fast a domestic cat can run.
  16. 42 books that will make you a better person sounds Good.
  17. A new Dictionary as beautiful as it is obscure? Sign me up for that thing.
  18. You say you saw a Mermaid egh? Let me check my map: Merpeople Sightings 1610-1784
  19. I have been considering joining the Cloud Appreciation Society for some time now. It just feels right somehow, like it’s a Good Thing.
  20. A moment away with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon is always a Good Thing. It’s worth The Trip.

Only Good Things is a weekly investigation. Each week, I seek out clues of the good in our every day. I report my findings on Fridays.
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