3 Crows in a row – Oh for Hell’s sake

Count the crows and watch your souls!
We are walking in dark times.
Keep a window open, lock down your doors.
What goes out can’t come in.
Nothing can be the same again.

All of the pain inherited.sketch1513089683013
It has been genetically foretold.
The end of man will come at his own hand,
ravaged by his soul.

The Trinity complete,
the birds are watching now.
Three Crows in a row,
will see it all play out.


The Gentrified Breed

I sit down to spool thread and watch the squirrels make lunch. The crows are here too, they always are. Together, the neighbors collect their spoils and keep watch. This is their living ground. They have been pushed to the rims of the park and they are almost outside of it entirely by now. They have been pushed out by dogs with coats. Dogs with owners in fine fleece coats and puffy jackets. Dogs who arrive to the park in new Subarus and Mini Coops. Adorable, well dressed Dogs with complete freedom to chase them out. They feed on the fringes now. They have nowhere else to go.