Plot Walls: The Bedroom


I am terrible at Chess, Risk, and long division. I recoil at the mere suggestion of strategy and I have a heaping disdain for predictive and presumptive analytics. I understand the irony given my faith in the religion of baseball, but it’s not a game of numbers to me, it’s something else entirely. The work of learning, plotting, and planning is a visual sport for me.

It begins with Characters like all good things. They come into mind and I ink them down to post them up, one by one. Pieces of the voices from inside need to be drawn out and named to come alive. Each piece with a desire to become a story is tacked to the stucco in a ritual of remembering.


Eventually, the pieces come together and a plot takes shape, and it replicates.


Soon it will be something taken down in print. My bedroom wall will be white, ready to begin again.

Thinking is writing, writing is thinking, bedrooms are for dreaming.