Our Children

The intolerable tyrant will meet a mighty end.
The worst of fates Beset
those who dismiss and abuse

Boys who want to be Gods
pretending to be men.
will be cast in stone
and tossed below
for their sins.

Artemis is hunting.
Caireen is crying out.
Stylianos has abandoned refuge
and Jizo is awake.
Nicholas of Myra is a
Patron on the take.

There is work to be done
for the cause of the soul.
A child kept
in a cage

Ask Bes to keep you.
The storm is quick to rise.
Time is watching now
and it’s ready for a fight.



Beset- Female counterpart to Bes
Artemis- Diana Nemorensis
Stylianos- Hermit/Saint
Nicholas of Myra- Saint Nicholas
Caireen- Cailleach’s Irish Counterpart (although I believe they are two different imaginings)

Jizo- Jizo Bodhisattva 




When it comes to writing,
all I really need
is a pair of earmuffs,
and a hot cup.
Sometimes I’ll drink wine
when it’s dark and if it’s raining.
Wine makes use of these things.
In the quiet
I can hear my hands.
The truth comes out.
when mistakes bleed.
I learn from these things.
I call them poetry.
When it comes to writing,
I always begin
again and again.
It’s all I really need.


When the mood strikes she can be anything.
A rigged explosion of love, fury, envy, and greed.
Ready for sacrifice in the shadow of Kali.

Be wary young Bird, she will tell you true.
The Ego devours a heart on the hunt
it can destroy you.

Kali is walking in your stead.
A bull without horns
can still see red.

To be continued…


Pitter Patter, raise a glass.
Your commencement is here at last.
You climbed up top and starred him down.
No one’s left to oppress us now.
He set the stage, you played him out.
One step in trust, one in doubt.
Your storied championship
is the toast of the town.

Every woman knows
a tiny king is nothing
without his tiny crown.