The Birds You Know

I watch the birds closely in the morning
as they wake up with the sun.
All of them chanting,
making plans
for the day’s run.
The Flicker and the Sparrow,
the Robin and the Blues;
each with a sense of urgency,
paranoid and exacting,
gathering food.
The sun will drop hours from now,
there is much to do.

My tendency to wake up with the sun has granted me the fortune to befriend some beautiful birds. I watch them in and out of conversation, and perpetual preparation for the day ahead. It’s quite spectacular.

We stroll into the days together. I make coffee and take in the show, they don’t mind me now, it’s been long enough. We have a shared understanding, a sacred trust. I write little diddy’s in their honor, and from time-to-time, I name them.

These are the birds I know:



To Be Continued
Oh, and I’m writing a book.

Carry on





Catch it by the tale and
pin it up, pin it up.
Chasing this wild idea
was never about luck.
The characters were in you,
with you all along.
This burst of sound
is their inaugural song.
Lying in wait,
in old journals on notecards,
these voices in your mind
are demands from your heart.
Now is the time
to make them into art!

A creative 2018 is underway, catch it by the tale and pin it up, pin it up!