Our Children

The intolerable tyrant will meet a mighty end.
The worst of fates Beset
those who dismiss and abuse

Boys who want to be Gods
pretending to be men.
will be cast in stone
and tossed below
for their sins.

Artemis is hunting.
Caireen is crying out.
Stylianos has abandoned refuge
and Jizo is awake.
Nicholas of Myra is a
Patron on the take.

There is work to be done
for the cause of the soul.
A child kept
in a cage

Ask Bes to keep you.
The storm is quick to rise.
Time is watching now
and it’s ready for a fight.



Beset- Female counterpart to Bes
Artemis- Diana Nemorensis
Stylianos- Hermit/Saint
Nicholas of Myra- Saint Nicholas
Caireen- Cailleach’s Irish Counterpart (although I believe they are two different imaginings)

Jizo- Jizo Bodhisattva 



Thank You

hoho Copy
Thank you for your readership and trust in 2018, it has been a true joy to create, curate, and share my thoughts with you. Have a beautiful season and I’ll see you next year.
I sincerely wish for you, the moon.
Love & Only Good things, NL
The Good Dossier: You really can be, anything and that means everything. 🎄🎁🌲


When it comes to writing,
all I really need
is a pair of earmuffs,
and a hot cup.
Sometimes I’ll drink wine
when it’s dark and if it’s raining.
Wine makes use of these things.
In the quiet
I can hear my hands.
The truth comes out.
when mistakes bleed.
I learn from these things.
I call them poetry.
When it comes to writing,
I always begin
again and again.
It’s all I really need.



I’m a dabbler and rarely a master, but I have my moments. We all do.

I have been a banker, a bookstore owner, and a broker. I have succeeded and failed at many things. I have been broke-as-a-joke and happily sustained. I have been told repeatedly that it’s impossible to be more than one thing, and yet I keep trying and more importantly, I keep learning.

There is so much to know and more to create. We are beings with the capability to love and that is a very special thing.

Play it, write it, paint it, and share it. We really can do, anything.


I share my weekly thoughts here and in my newsletter: The Good Dossier. Thank you for reading. If you need me, beep me.

Stay Golden,
Noelle K Labrousse
Stitchteller | Content Maker


Noelle 1983

When I was younger I was adamantly aware of the fact that the witch next door would often shape-shift and appear as her tabby cat to spy on us kids. I knew without a doubt that the ghost of an old soldier lived in my house on Van Houten street, and that aliens were absolutely watching us ALL OF THE TIME. I’d like to say that much has changed, but it has not. The deer who frequents my yard has been missing for a couple of days now and I’m almost confident that Bigfoot is behind it. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, take in the fact that over 50% of Americans believe in ghosts and hang a horseshoe on your door (upside down of course).


Who are you?

I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs Personality test a number of times for work and school over the years and without fail, the results are always the same. I am an INFJ  through and through. Basically I’m an introvert with “a rich and vivid inner-life” who often gets mistaken for an extrovert and prefers to communicate on the page. These things are all true. I do like the quiet and I revel in solitude.Taking in these unchanged results over the years has provided me with a sense of foundation, a self-sustained ground to stand on. I’m sharing this now with the hope that it might do the same for you.

Step 1: Click here to take a min-version of the MBPT 
Step 2: What’s your version of hell?  Some of these are really funny and spot-on.
Step 3: What do you do at a party?  Creepily accurate, I got “Reluctantly holds a counseling session in the bathroom with some drunk girl they don’t know.”

Be curious about who you are and once you find out, do it on purpose! Oh, and don’t forget to share it. 

Only Good Things Recap: September 2018


Congratulations, you made it through September. You are a super sleuth.

I hope this finds you in an investigative mood, here are 9 clues of the goodness recovered in September:

  1. Googly Eyed Goodness: A store in Kuwait was shut down for putting googly eyes on their fish in order to make them appear fresh. Man oh man googly eyes, you really do make everything better. Show it to me
  2. Word Up: Merriam-Webster has added over 800 new words to the dictionary. It’s worth a look-see. Hangry, food bank and tent city are just a few additions that reflect our current state of affairs. Words matter. Click to read 
  3. I spot a seashell on the seashore: Gastropads, chitons and periwinkles, oh my! This useful gem of a read is a guide to decoding the seashells you find on the seashore. It’s pretty neat. Learn More
  4. The living Tree: Beth Moon is a photographer on a mission to capture the world’s oldest trees. From the dragon blood trees in Yemen to the ancient bristlecone pines of California, her work is a stunning gift. Take a look
  5. Foodie Goodness: This interactive map will take you on a delicious road trip through America, one meal at a time. Take me there
  6. Remember reading books? That was pretty awesome: Awesome People Reading is pretty awesome. Tumble through the archive but start with Burt Reynolds.
    Show Me
  7. When is it smart to start ignoring what other people think of you? Now, right now: Why you should stop caring about what other people think is a detailed and thorough guide to taming and defeating self doubt and your inner mammoth.
    Take a look
  8. Because Animals are HILARIOUS: The Comedy Wildlife Awards are a real thing. Thank goodness. Take me there
  9. This Guy wins September: A self-proclaimed “rock hound” in Michigan has discovered a new kind of rock that GLOWS! He got to name it. Guess what he named it. You’ll never guess. Yoopelites, he named it Yoopelites. Show Me

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