Only Good Things Recap: September 2018


Congratulations, you made it through September. You are a super sleuth.

I hope this finds you in an investigative mood, here are 9 clues of the goodness recovered in September:

  1. Googly Eyed Goodness: A store in Kuwait was shut down for putting googly eyes on their fish in order to make them appear fresh. Man oh man googly eyes, you really do make everything better. Show it to me
  2. Word Up: Merriam-Webster has added over 800 new words to the dictionary. It’s worth a look-see. Hangry, food bank and tent city are just a few additions that reflect our current state of affairs. Words matter. Click to read 
  3. I spot a seashell on the seashore: Gastropads, chitons and periwinkles, oh my! This useful gem of a read is a guide to decoding the seashells you find on the seashore. It’s pretty neat. Learn More
  4. The living Tree: Beth Moon is a photographer on a mission to capture the world’s oldest trees. From the dragon blood trees in Yemen to the ancient bristlecone pines of California, her work is a stunning gift. Take a look
  5. Foodie Goodness: This interactive map will take you on a delicious road trip through America, one meal at a time. Take me there
  6. Remember reading books? That was pretty awesome: Awesome People Reading is pretty awesome. Tumble through the archive but start with Burt Reynolds.
    Show Me
  7. When is it smart to start ignoring what other people think of you? Now, right now: Why you should stop caring about what other people think is a detailed and thorough guide to taming and defeating self doubt and your inner mammoth.
    Take a look
  8. Because Animals are HILARIOUS: The Comedy Wildlife Awards are a real thing. Thank goodness. Take me there
  9. This Guy wins September: A self-proclaimed “rock hound” in Michigan has discovered a new kind of rock that GLOWS! He got to name it. Guess what he named it. You’ll never guess. Yoopelites, he named it Yoopelites. Show Me

Only Good Things is a weekly investigation. Each week, I seek out clues of the good in our every day. I report my findings on Fridays.
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