Podcast Playlist: September

Open your ears for the September Podcast Playlist 
  •  The RFK Tapes Take a deep dive and listen to original police tapes, interviews, and rare audio recordings as the team from Crimetown investigates the death of Robert F Kennedy. Fans of archival footage, this is a goodie.
  • Fresh Air An oldie but a goodie. Bill Murray telling tales to Terry Gross.
  • What’s Her Name Thought-provoking stories of women making history throughout history is always worth a listen.
  • Serial is back for it’s third season and it’s taking on the American Criminal Justice System in Cleveland, OH. You know what this means right? Missed calls, it means a lot of missed calls. Can’t wait.
  • Inside Jaws
    Stephen King’s son is quite the writer and he’s really into Jaws. This podcast is a love letter to his favorite movie (OF ALL TIME). If you think you’ve seen Jaws, think again.
  • Up and Vanished is back for a second season. We are three episodes in and it’s a doozy. Grab your detective caps and take on the case.
  • The Witches is available for your audible delight, chapter by chapter. It’s free.
  • Dalai Lama Audio Teachings We could all use a bit of wisdom from the Dalai Lama. If someone tells you otherwise, get them a hose because their pants are on fire. (Dork-Style Sick Burn)
  • The Truth takes you in and out of fictions for 10-20 minutes at a time. Actors voice the characters and bring these original short stories to life.

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