Only Good Things Recap: August, 2018


Congratulations, you made it through THE SUMMER! Well almost. Good on ya!  

I hope this finds you in an investigative mood. Here are some clues of the GOOD recovered in August:

1.The ocean, OH MY STARS, the ocean! Check out these magnificent waves, captured in a decade of photographs. Click to Read.

2.We all love a good list. 25 Secrets of Adulthood learned the Hard Way is a good list. Bonus: Gretchen Rubin wrote it, it’s her list. Click to Read.

3.The top bestest 100 TV Episodes of the century you say? Challenge accepted, I say. This is REALLY cool, you can choose to listen, watch, and read along with this comprehensive list. Click to Read.

4.Birds teaching other Birds, cool!
Click to Read.

Birds talking to other Birds, rad!
Click to Read.

This little Guy is sweet!
Click to Read.

5.”62 Years After It Was Written, a Hemingway Story Gets Published for the First Time”  This is pretty exciting. Click to Read.

6. Saved from July, but still sweet and entirely appropriate. How are you handling the news? Click to Read.

7.This list of the 25 amazing speeches is worth a click-through. Some of them have flown under the radar. You are in for a treat if you like a good speech. Click to Read

8. Tackle the tough questions if you’re ready to make a change. Here are 12 questions to ask yourself. It’s a challenge, in a good way. Click to Read

9. What to do when someone asks if you’ve ever read Vonnegut
Oh McSweeney’s, I’d give you my heart if you didn’t already have it. Click to Read

10.The Crow Box is a vending machine for birds. They fly in, drop a coin and the snacks come out. Pretty flippin cool. Best part, you can build your own with the free instructions. I know what I’m doing this weekend. Click to Read.

11. Medicinal Revival
The unicorn root has been absent for 130 years and it has reappeared in Maine!!!! Click to Read

12. Poetry is not DEAD! So please, stop saying it is. “The number of self-reported poetry readers in the United States nearly doubled from 2012 to 2017…” Click to Read

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