I Love my Aesthetic-y Human Forest Child

Dear Bird,

Last night, post-homework you proceeded to create collages and add them to an Instagram account entitled, Plant-Mom-Wannabe. The description of yourself as this magnificent account’s owner simply must be made note of, as to not get lost in the years of awesome you. The description reads:

Forest child🌷

Sad sofa who wants to be an aesthetic-y human🌿 Some crap photos live here📷 Making niche memes or attempting it👌 Have fun?🌸

As you explained to me in the car this morning, each of these little pieces of art take research, time, and a good dose of learning to pull off. Each of these is a message to celebrate the individuals in your life whom you love. By creating these beautiful sentiments and posting them for all the world to see and share, you are making an offering to the world.

The fact that you had the tenacity and will to create this plan, account, and art is a reward in-and-of-itself. You are the most courageous person I have ever met, and I can’t wait to see what else you come up.

Your love-focus is right on, and yes, I will get you a cactus.

-Your Grateful Mom

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