I enjoyed a quiet morning yesterday. Starting with my coffee, the morning sun, and daily Giraffe check-in. The Housten Zoo live camera is one of the most spectacular uses of technology I have ever experienced. I make use of it every day and have come to know those elegant creatures quite well. Later into it, I ventured out to walk the grounds and feed the crows. There are so many crows. It’s not seasonal, they have no migration. One crow in particular is as demanding as he is consistent. We meet daily. I call him Rabo. Rabo has a distinct lack of feathers on his right side. I tell my daughter that he likely lost them in a crow battle of sorts due to his persistence. Rabo is loud and obnoxious but I take comfort in our meetings, our routine, and I imagine he does as well. When I returned home from our meeting I was informed dismally that one of my beloved Giraffe friends had passed away. The routine quiet of my morning became a solemn quiet evening and when I tucked my daughter in last night she told me, “It’s good that we have a Rabo because he’s real”.

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